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Top-of-the-line webhosting for your business.

Well-suited to enterprise-level websites, e-commerce sites and web apps, our custom webhosting solutions adapt to your needs, not vice-versa.

Top-of-the-line webhosting for your business.

Custom mutualized webhosting:

Our mutualized (several websites share a server) webhosting formulas fulfill the following needs:

  • medium and low traffic websites
  • A need for flexibility in your hosting configuration
  • you have specific hosting needs not easily met by other formulas
  • Security/performance/availability requirements
  • Daily offsite secure backup of your data
  • Competent tech support

If you require high quality service, our webhosting formulas fit the bill

Dedicated and administered server

For special hosting requirements and/or high traffic websites, we can maintain and administer your very own dedicated server(s).

  • High-traffic web hosting
  • Special security requirements
  • Installation of special or custom software
  • Large database hosting and web apps