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Creation and nurturing of your website

In our 11 years of activity, we've worked closely with many businesses, locally, nationally and internationally, creating and maintaining their web presence. We specialize in e-commerce sites and health-related applications, and have worked extensively with the manufacturing and tourism industries as well as the public sector.

Creation and nurturing of your website

Creation of your website:

WZ-Conseil specializes in the development of complex websites, notably in the e-commerce sector and dynamic enterprise level applications (CMS, CRM/ERP integration, etc.) Our methodology is rigorous and always starts with an initial study of:

  • The coherence of the navigation system
  • site usability
  • rich and pertinent content
  • optimal page display techniques
  • 'baked in' search engine optimization
  • The development of custom tools for client's needs

Site graphics and 'look and feel' are realized by our world-class team of designers and partners. Each site is unique.

Evolving your website:

Evolving your website, amplifying your internet presence, will project a positive, contemporary image of your business. You have several ways to achieve this:

  • A Dynamic Website (CMS, e-commerce, etc.): once your site is built and online, you can manage yourself the updating of your content in real-time, limiting all or part of the need for professional intervention.
  • A Static Website: Your pages are hard-coded. Any changes require that our team intervenes.
  • Growing your site by adding pages, sections, or functions, we can help. Ask for a quote.
  • The renovation or reparation of an existing website can also be done. Ask for a quote.

We propose annualized website maintenance contracts, which allow you to manage your costs in a dependable, coherent way. You choose the maintenance budget that "fits" your internet needs, and we do the heavy lifting.